Where to dine in Turin

A list of places we enjoy a lot!


via Palazzo di Città, 19/A

Our last discovery! A cute place in the city center, in the most beautiful part of the city. They have a lot of traditional and organic wines, and a typical  haute cuisine. Go there to: have a drink before dinner (wineglasses from 4 €, with home specialities to eat), have romantic dinner ( from 15 € par person; ask for the tables raised up, to dine admiring the square).


via 4 marzo, 12/C

An oriental furnished restaurant in the city centre. Beautiful light. Traditional italian dishes, good service and large choice of wines and cocktails.  Try the “tagliere di salumi e formaggi”: a selection of cold cuts and cheeses. (Medium cost).


corso Peschiera 177

Slow-food hamburgeria. Delicious hamburger, chips and home-made desserts. Nice owners and very fresh food. Always a pleasure to go there, for lunch or dinner. (From 10€ par person).


via Morgari, 16/A

Wine bar – restaurant,  traditional Piedmont dishes. Perfect for a romantic dinner! About 20 little tables, fireplace, soft lighting, candle over each table. We enjoy a lot to stay there for hours eating and drinking… (from 20 € par person for dinner and wine).


via Principe Amedeo, 39/A

Another nice place with traditional dishes and good wine! Specialities: raclette and fujòt fol, that is similar to the raclette but you can choose the cheese  from a list of typical Piedmont cheeses. (from 20€ par person).


corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 12

A place to have a peaceful aperitivo near the Turin Polytechnic. Elegant furnitures, very clean, waiters in uniform.. try it! Take a glass of Prosecco and enjoy the variety of appetizers they bring for you! (about 6-7 € par person for the aperitivo).


via San Francesco da Paola, 4/B

Want a light, quick and tasty lunch? Try this place that makes special piadina… organic and fabulous taste! You can choose among  the fillings combinations of the day or compose your piadina from a list of fillings… all organic, of course! And let’s complete your meal with an organic espresso coffee 🙂 (about 10€ to have lunch)


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