Quinoa or bulgur with cauliflower

Today I want to share a recipe that I found by chance surfing the Internet and that has suddenly become one of my favourite dishes. It is so tasty and perfectly flavour balanced.. every time I make this dish we eat almost two portion each.. because it is also light, low-fat and vegan.

Original recipe is with bulgur but actually it is even better with quinoa because of the crunchy of seeds.

quinoa with cauliflower

Here the ingredients:

350 g quinoa or bulgur

350 g cauliflower

1 onion

1 big garlic clove

200 g tomato sauce

chili pepper as you like

anise or fennel seeds (about a small teaspoon or less, if you don’t really like)

50 g raisins

50 g pine nuts

extra virgin olive oil + salt

First of all, revive raisins into hot water. Then, boil the cauliflower into salted water. When cooked, strain it but do not throw the wather: now cook quinoa in the cauliflower water.

In a pan make a soffritto with the chopped garlic and onion, chili pepper into pieces (if in powder you can add at the end), anise or fennel seeds. When onion have browned some minutes, pour the tomato sauce and let simmer until cooked; taste and season with salt. Add the cauliflower, cut into pieces, raisins, and roasted pine nuts.

Quinoa can be served aside or mixed together (I personally prefer the second choice).


Here the original recipe (italian).

Did you know? Quinoa is sais to be “a superfood”! My mother says that it is the only vegetable that contains all amino acids of meat.. and she knows lot of things. More info here.


Vegetarian wok

A 10-minutes-cooking amazing asian dish.. for a quick dinner.

vegetarian wok







onion, garlic, ginger

sesame oil, chinese black and light soy sauces

salt, ground chili pepper

Cut the vegetables into into thin strips, and tofu into cubes. Blend together a piece of onion, a garlic clove and 1-2 cm of fresh ginger until the mix is very faint. Then put the mix in a wok with some spoons of sesame oil. When hot add vegetables and tofu. Season with the soy sausages, salt and pepper and leave to cook.

Serve with boiled rice.

Pizza del cavolo – Cabbage Pizza

Today here in Piedmont it hardly rains and it’s quite chilly…. I’d like to eat this pizza.

I found this recipe in an italian food program, years ago. There was a big man, a fantastic baker from Rome, that really loves all kind of bread/focaccia/pizza and similar doughs. He’s so nice and he loves to eat! Next time in Rome, I’ll surely go to his pizzeria.

This is a different pizza. But fantastic. Very tasty and satisfying.You need: flour, brewer’s yeast, extra virgin olive oil, salt. Garlic, hot pepper. And some type of cabbage: cauliflower, broccoli, and other cabbage you choose (in all, 4 type it’s the ideal).

First step, you should have the pizza dough. I suggest different solutions:

a. to make it by hand

b. to let your breadmaker make it for you (if you have one)

c. to buy the dough at the bakery

d. to buy it at the supermarket.

Mine it’s b.

Second step: boil the cabbages in water and cook each variety in different frying pans with extra virgin olive oil, some garlic, a bit of hot pepper and salt. At the end, throw away garlic and hot pepper (if you can find them).

Stretch the dough and spread the different cabbages over it. Then, roll up your creation. Now, you can slice the roll and put the slices over an oven dish covered with baking paper. Cook in the oven at 180° C for 20-25 minutes.

Fabulous! Healthy, balanced, vegetarian, and not at all the usual boiled cabbage!