About me

Hi and welcome everybody!

I’m Sara, I live in the north of Italy and I’m 23.

I love cats, nature, travelling and cooking. I’m a dreamer. I can easily imagine people thinking about me that I’m strange.

I speak italian (of course!), and I try to speak English and French. “SaraInCucina” means “Sara in the kitchen”.

I love cooking! I love mixing ingredients, cutting vegetables, thinking about the details.

I’m happy when people enjoy my food: first of all, my boyfriend Francesco. We have a little orange notebook in which we note some of the recipes that we do and we enjoy.

I love quality food: the most part of my ingredients is organic, from my family farm. It’s wonderful to pick vegetables and herbs and suddenly to cook them!

My kitchen ability was born from the necessity to cook for a large family: for this reason the ingredients are often common ingredients, not very expensive and vegetable. For the same reason, I’m interested more on the recipe than on the presentation and the pictures (I’ve a common camera and while I take the pictures, someone is waiting to eat!). But.. I’ll improve these aspects! 🙂

I want to write in my blog my recipes: very mediterranean and healthy recipes, rich in vegetables and herbs.

Please ask me if you wish any translation in italian or french.


PS. Thanks to:

– my mother Milena, that taught me to cook and that sustained all the mess I did in the kitchen when I was young!

– my boyfriend Francesco, that does all the washing up. So I can use an enormous quantity of pots, pans, plates, cutlery, glasses and bowls! Thanks indeed to taste and enjoy every meal I cook for you!

– you, for reading my blog and my recipes!



  1. Hi Sara, I love your blog. Italian food has always been one of my favourites and your recipes are so simple and wholesome. My neighbours growing up in the country in Australia were Italian and Livio was always giving my mother fresh fish he caught locally. I am also a cat lover and have a couple of funny cat videos on my blog. Keep up the good work. I love your presentation as well as your recipes and will be following your blog. I feel like I am getting a little bit of Italy when I read it.

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