Home-made meat stock cube

To complete the series “stock cubes”, after the veg stock. 🙂

It can not appear so beautiful, but if only I could make you smell it… Believe me, it is fabulous, try it and you won’t never come back to buy industrial cubes!

You need (to make stock for 1 year):

200 g beef pulp

200 chicken pulp (not necessarily breast, that is too lean; I use thighs)

200 g onions

200 g coarse salt






The process is really simple.

Clean the meat from nerves, skin, bones and other not regular things, and wash the vegetables and herbs. Chop everything into pieces, put it all in a big pot with the salt and simmer one hour and a half. Do not add any water, and mix frequently.

meat stock cube

Then, blend very well the mixture and froze it. I froze it in little bags, and when I open one of them I arrange it in the fridge.

This stock cube lasts for at least 1 year, and it won’t get damaged because of the salt. You can use it for risotto, soffritto, a quickly tomato sauce, soups and more.



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