DIY: painted eggcups

Do you like the oeufs à la coque? We do.

But we never found the right eggcups to buy: too expensive, too simple, too difficult or impossible to clean, etc..

In Italy we have the proverb “learn art and put it aside”:  art can always be useful in life, also if in the moment you can’t see its function. And this is the case, because I found 4 very simple white ceramic eggcups and I remembered I had attended a ceramic painting course at school, when I was eleven. In Italy we say: 2+2=4!  and I immediately thought to paint them.

In my art box I found the necessary:

third fire colours 

a very very soft pencil / the special pencil for ceramic

palette knife

a little paintbrush (it must be of a very good quality)

We took in the house:

baking paper

kitchen paper


1 yogurt pot filled of water


1 little plastic cover as palette

some toothpicks and cotton buds

First, we aren’t artists. So we started to follow some tutorials on YouTube to learn to draw a hen 😀 We filled a paper each with various hens, and finally we found the right one.

To put the drawing over the cup, we put a piece of baking paper over the paper and we went over the lines with the very soft pencil. Then we turn the baking paper and went over the lines another time (with a common pencil or pen), on a white paper. And again, we went over the lines, this time on the cup’s surface. (It’s better to copy the drawing first on a paper and then on the cup, to leave less pencil’s stuff on the cup). 

Time to use the colours! Mines are quite old: at 11 years old I bought black, white, red, yellow, blue and brown. Luckily my mother some years ago gave me new ones, not yet dried for the moment! With the colours, I bought the medium: a stuff to add to the colours in the palette when they are drying. You can find third fire colours at the paint shops. But why third fire? The first baking is done to the shaped terracotta, the second one is done with the glazing; the third is optional and is done to fix the decorations.

With the little paintbrush we first went over the lines in black, and then we filled the hen with the colours. To finish, we painted some grass. Where we went wrong, we cleaned with a cotton bud. If the mistake was really little, we used a toothpick to delete it. We also used the toothpick to put the colour with precision, in little points. I discovered my boyfriend is inclined for this painting!

After the hens in the grass, we did the other eggcups with a rabbit and carrots, a snail and leaves and a bee and flowers.

We allowed the picture time to dry and took the eggcups to a paint shop that owns the right oven. Tomorow we can collect them, I’m so excited!!



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