Icing roses

I’m sorry today I haven’t written a real recipe! The reason is: I’m in the countryside, in my family house. The weather is fantastic, sunny but not too hot. This afternoon, I went out to take some pictures and I stopped me to weed the strawberries greenhouse. I want them perfect and I can’t wait any more for them! For the moment, each plant has 4-5 little green fruits. A good start! 🙂 Then I had a tour in the garden, and I found little wild roses, so I thought about this “recipe”. I’m always been fascinated about ways to preserve the flowers beauty: flowers are so beautiful, perfumed, coloured, geometrically perfect… and they became old in 2 days. What a shame! I usually take a lot of pictures of them – I have an entire photo collection to hang up on a wall of my dreams’ house.

However, I’ve taken the little roses.

I’ve immersed them in a plate with 1 egg white, and then in a plate with icing sugar, well covering them. I think it would be better if I brushed them of egg white with a brush, it would be more accurate. But: more egg over the flower = more sugar!!

After covering them with the icing sugar, I’ve put them in a plate, that I’ve placed on the balcony for the sun to dry the flowers.

When dried, you can use them to decorate a dessert.

I have to admit, one of my roses lost an iced petal and I taste it… it was amazing! Sweetened (this is why I’m happy about “more sugar”) and with a full delicate taste of rose!!!



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