Pears and amaretti biscuits’ tart

I tried this recipe and I suddenly fell in love with. I love amaretti biscuits!

My grandfather did as well, so my grandmother still buys them despite he isn’t with us any more. So sweet ❤ 🙂

This is a simple tart. Of course, you can choose to buy the pastry and make it in 15 minutes… but I suggest to make it, the result is completely different, it’s well worthwhile!

To make the pastry I use:

– 250 g of white flour

– 125 g of butter

– 70 g of cane sugar (quite white)

– 2 yolks

– 1/4 dl of water (–> a little bit of water)

– 1 organic lemon

– salt

I mix a little bit of salt, the sugar and the grated peel of 1/2 lemon with the flour. I add the butter (softened) in pieces, the yolks and the water. I quickly knead the pastry and I put it into the fridge for half an hour.

It’s now time to make the top. I use:

– 4 pears (I post the picture because I don’t know how this variety is called in english. In italian these are “abbot pear”, an ironic way to call them because of their shape, that looks like a woman’s thigh). 

– 1 little glass of liqueur (Amaretto liqueur will be the ideal)

– 20-30 amaretti biscuits (it’s up to their height). Do you know they are done with bitter almonds, that are the peach seeds (yes, the little almonds into the peach stones)?!

– dark chocolate

I cut the pears in thin slices and I cover them with the liqueur.  I crumble the biscuits into the blend and I mix them with the juice that the pears do when I add the liqueur.

It’s time to put the pastry in the tart mould (with butter and flour or baking paper). I put the amaretti over the pastry, well spread; I cover them with all the pears’ slices. Then I put at the top some dark chocolate, roughly chopped. I put into the oven for at least 30-40 minutes (170° C).

The result is very nice and… very very tasty!



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