Bulgur salad

These days in the city flats are already too hot – don’t want to think about July. So it’s time for summer food: low-fat, low spicy, cold and rich in raw vegetables food.

On Thursday I made this dish: it’s a bulgur salad with tomatoes, black olives and asparagus.

I boiled the bulgur in salty water (1,5/2 espresso cups for each person), I strained it and cooled with cold running water.

I put it in a salad bowl and I added 1 big tomato sliced in little pieces, some olive cut in half, 2 asparagus very finely cut, 4 chopped fresh mint leaves, some chopped parsley and basil. I dressed with salt, extra virgin olive oil and the juice of 1/2 lemon.   (Thanks to Lizzie, my english host, for the idea of bulgur salad with lemon juice.. first time I saw it was weird for me, but I have to admit it’s brilliant!).

It was fantastic and truly refreshing!


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