Stinging nettles omelette

Hi there!

Today I’d like to write you about an omelette with a particular ingredients: stinging nettles. Someone has never heard about eating them, someone usually does. I love their full but soft and gentle taste. They are rich in minerals and vitamins and they are used in many way for health (shampoo, decoction,..). 

For my omelette I used:

– 150 g of stinging nettles

– 3 eggs

– 100 ml single cream

– 70 ml milk

– nutmeg, ground pepper, salt, extra virgin olive oil, onion

I well washed the nettles (with a pair of gloves) and I boiled them for 15 minutes in a pot of unsalted water. I strained and I let them cool. When cooled, I squeezed and I chopped them.

In a little bowl I whisked the eggs with a little bit of salt, then I added cream, milk, pepper and nutmeg.

I took a frying pan and I put onto it 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1/4 of onions, chopped. After a few minutes I put the nettles (by that time not stinging any more 🙂 ) and some water, and I let them to cook for 5 minutes. After that, I added the eggs and I mixed. I don’t like to turn the omelette (I think it’s because I started to cook for my 5 members family, and so a big omelette was impossible for me to turn), so I put a cover and shrink the flame to the least.

In 10-15 minutes the omelette is ready; you can serve it hot or cold.


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