Shrimps and rocket salad

One of my favourite dishes is this simple salad.

My boyfriend cooks it to me every time I travel somewhere and I come back. Coming back can be sad, but this is a good food consolation for me 🙂

We buy the shrimps at the supermarket, at the fishmongers’. I think that frozen shrimps don’t have any taste.

So first step is to peel every shrimp. 🙂 We trow away the head and the peel, or we use them for a fish stock. After that, we boil the shrimps for 1 minute (not more: we only aim to kill any potential bacteria). Then we suddenly drain them, and we leave them to cool.

Meanwhile, we wash and dry the wild rocket and we put it in our Ikea glass salad bowl.

When the shrimps are cooled, we mix them with the rocket.

10 minutes before serving the salad, we dress it with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, salt and ground pepper.

This salad is easy and quick to make.. and is perfect for a romantic dinner   …see for yourself! 😉



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