Pasta alle zucchine

Sunday in my family farm there was a whole fantastic greenhouse of young courgettes and beautiful courgettes flowers – so I picked 6 beautiful little courgettes with their flowers.

So today for lunch, I decided to cook pasta with courgettes.

In a frying pan, I put 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 1/4 of sliced onion and 1 fresh and little young plant of garlic, chopped. I added dried basil (I’ve seeded only yesterday my fresh basil) and the 6 chopped flowers and I cooked under a low flame. After 5 minutes, I added my sliced courgettes. I cooked for 20 minutes, and  close to the end I added some little tomatoes, chopped, and the salt.

I used spaghetti, and I cooked them “al dente”. Then I put the spaghetti into the frying pan with the courgettes and I mixed. When in the  plate, we added parmesan.

The result was very good. I love it because you can taste the spring and the new and tender vegetables’ taste into it.



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